Purple Heart

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A bit of a long story.  Several years ago I took a painting class and one assignment we had was to paint while listening to a piece of music.  At the time I had forgotten where my piece of music came from, but it reminded me of the game Lifeforce on the NES.  Eventually I found out it was a remix called Purple Heart by remixer goat of the game Rush ‘n Attack.  Years later for a final project in a C++ class, I decided to make that painting into a game.  You fly a spaceship with mouse to change direction and WSAD to shift the shit up, down, left, or right.  Holding down E will make the ship move at a faster velocity.  Left-Click to fire main weapon.  The objective is to destroy the heart at the arena.  As you approach the heart, it will fire a massive beam at you, but it will stop that once you get in close.  Nearer to the heart, there are enemy ships and dark phantom enemies.  The phantoms will swarm your ship and slowly eat away at your shield, but at the same time, they will charge your super weapon.  Once the super weapon is charged, you can unleash it with a Right-Click.  Hit the heart with the super weapon to defeat it.  Press ESC to exit the game.

Download and run Purple Heart.exe here to play.