Introversion: A Party Game

Introversion is a semi-autobiographical game in which the player experiences an evening at a party as an introvert. There is no absolute goal for the player. They can choose to try to converse with other party goers, or retreat into an action-packed imagination. The game simply ends after a set amount of time.

This game was made by Joe Rossi and Chris Dilday with additional music provided by Tyler Lesley

Download Introversion

My Tasks:

  • Lead Designer.
  • Created the Tutorial, Party, Conversation, and Ninja sections of the game.
  • Composed various music.


The game is divided into 3 modes: party, conversation, and imagination. In the party sequence the player can wander around and enter into conversations if they wish. The conversation sequence has the player trying to submit conversation topics related to what the NPCs are currently talking about. The imagination sequence is an action sandbox minigame that the player can play around in. There are two types of imagination sequences.



Most of the game is controlled by the Arrow keys, X and C.

Party Sequence:

Arrow keys: Move

X: Talk


Conversation Sequence:

Arrow key: Move cursor

X: Select

C: Back


Forest Sequence:

Left/Right: Move

X: Jump

C: Shoot

Up (while in air): Spin Attack


Train Sequence:

Left/Right: Move

X: Jump

C: Shoot

Up/Down: Aim

Additional Controls:

Esc: Quit Game

Alt+Enter: Toggle Fullscreen mode


Finally here is a video of us explaining a little bit about our game at UCSC’s Sammy Awards 2014: